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Skyy Clark confirms he’s staying in 2022 class

It’s seemingly gone back and forth for over a year, but now it looks final.


The dream among Kentucky fans of Skyy Clark coming to Lexington this fall can now be laid to rest.

If you recall, Clark was once viewed as a very realistic reclass option for 2021, as he’s currently one of the top players in 2022.

However, the recent buzz has been Clark would likely be staying in 2022, and he confirmed that Tuesday with an announcement on Twitter.

Coincidentally or not, that news came around the same time it was revealed Devin Askew was transferring, which led some to speculate if Clark could be making the jump to 2021. But less than 24 hours after Askew announced he was leaving, Clark is also making it clear he won’t be on the roster this fall.

The combo-guard from Nashville is a consensus five-star recruit who ranks 13th nationally in 247 sports’ 2022 rankings. His commitment to the Cats on Oct. 22, 2020, made him the first pledge of John Calipari’s 2022 class.

While Clark could’ve given the Cats a lift at point guard next season, Kentucky fans learned star freshman don’t always amount to victories as a Kentucky team with a consensus top-seven recruit in Brandon Boston and top-10 signee in Terrence Clarke went just 9-16 this past season and did not qualify for the NCAA Tournament.

Clark will get an extra year of development and then join the Cats on-time, which should be praised as a mature decision by the 6-3 combo guard.

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