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Embattled Mark Emmert receives extension

Emmert will keep his position for the foreseeable future.

NCAA Men’s Final Four - Previews Photo by Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images

The NCAA is no stranger to criticism. The other part of that is the organization isn't always the quickest to act on the problems that are being reported.

This time, though, it isn't just the organization that is being criticized. It’s going all the way up to president Mark Emmert.

The uproar got even louder though after Emmert received an extension on Tuesday.

As the tweet above says by Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic, Emmert’s extension goes until the end of 2025, which passed unanimously through the vote by the Board of Governors.

The most recent criticism that the NCAA and Emmert have come under, happened at the Women's NCAA Tournament regarding the weight room that was put in place for the female athletes. Oregon player Sedona Prince posted the set-up that was provided.

Auerbach recently wrote an article referencing some of the opinions that Athletic Directors and some Conference Commissioners had in response to what happened at the women's tournament. This is one of the quotes from a commissioner in the article that stands out:

“I don’t think he’s grasped the magnitude of the issue. It’s been very, very disappointing, his lack of real, sincere and genuine ownership and taking of responsibility for something that is under his oversight. When there are gaps and failures, particularly when it comes to really important fundamental principles like gender equity, and things that affect the student-athlete experience, I would expect better from the president of the NCAA.”

Steps that need to be taken to help the student athletes have long been put to the side.

Unfortunately, it seems that those steps will continue to be on the back burner with the extension given to retain Emmert.