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Clippers to sign DeMarcus Cousins for rest of NBA season

Cousins has played well for Los Angeles after being released by Houston earlier this season.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Houston Rockets POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarcus Cousins is healthy and will be playing on a championship-contending team for the rest of the season.

That is not something I was expecting to write at the commencement of the NBA season.

However, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Chris Haynes, the Los Angeles Clippers will be signing Cousins through the end of the season.

The NBA postseason starts in late May. The Clippers, who have been led by Paul George while multi-time champion Kawhi Leonard recovers from yet another, will easily be a top-six seed in the Western Conference.

While Cousins may not play a major factor for the team, he should be a capable big man off the bench.

During his brief stay with the Clips, he’s played well, averaging 6.3 points per game while playing under a quarter per night in eight games for LA. Cousins is an elite rounder, a capable defender, and a moderate three-point threat.

Combine it all, and Cousins should make an impact for the Clippers in the playoffs that is, if he can stay healthy. After tearing his Achilles alongside Anthony Davis in New Orleans, Cousins went to Golden State where he later tore his quad.

Managing his way to the other Los Angeles franchise, Cousins tore his ACL before even getting in a game with the Lakers. Continuing to power back through rehab, Cousins is ready to make himself a household name again.

With the Clippers, he can do just that. He’ll be the backup center while Ivica Zubac runs with the starters. It also wouldn’t be shocking to see the Clips do some small-ball lineups which could also trim into any potential minutes given to Cousins.

Nonetheless, he’s healthy and on the roster for at least another month.

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