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Jai Lucas hinting at good news?

Could Coach Lucas be hinting at good news coming soon?

UK Athletics

It’s a Monday morning and we’re already over-analyzing tweets from assistant coach Jai Lucas.

Lucas tweeted this to jump start BBN’s week:

Now, the question is, is this something? Is there a reason he specifically said ‘Chin’ and capitalized it for good measure? Why tweet that on the morning where fans are expecting some sort of news?

If you recall, Kentucky is currently pursuing Illinois assistant Ron “Chin” Coleman for John Calipari’s revamped coaching staff along with Orlando Antigua. But since Terrence Clarke’s tragic passing last week, there’s been very little movement.

If you’re asking me, I don’t think this is anything. At all. Nothing. Nada. Jai Lucas is a young coach and very active on social media, so he knows what to tweet and what not to tweet.

But could he have done this intentionally? Maybe that’s what Jai Lucas wants us to think.

For what it’s worth, Kyle Tucker, who has very good connections to the UK program, said that he does not expect any official announcement to come today regarding a new addition to the coaching staff.

I am with Kyle on this one. I don’t expect any news to break today, seeing as Orlando Antigua is currently in the Dominican Republic on vacation and the Chin Coleman side of things has been relatively quiet.