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MLB Week 2 winners and losers

The Cubs might be one of the worst teams in baseball

Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Good afternoon, BBN! This week’s baseball action was crazy—we had TWO no-hitters in the same week! If you had either of those pitchers in your fantasy league I’m sure you got a lot of trade offers—and points! Also, yesterday happened to be Jackie Robinson day, and all the players wore #42 on their jerseys in his honor.

The playoff picture, while it’s still extremely early, shifted a bit. The Cubs are horrible, the Dodgers are dominating as usual, and the Red Sox have taken the AL East by storm. The Royals are doing pretty well also, leading the AL Central. Also, even though it probably won’t stay this way for long, the Mariners have taken the AL West from the Astros.

Playoff Picture: Week 1 (4/1—4/7)

AL Division Leaders:

1. Red Sox (9-4)

2. Seattle (8-5)

3. Royals (7-4)

AL Wild Card:

1. Cleveland (7-5)

2. Angels (7-5)


Astros (6-6), Athletics (6-7) in the hunt

NL Division Leaders:

1. Mets (5-3)

2. Reds (7-5)

3. Dodgers (11-2)

NL Wild Card:

1. Giants (8-4)

2. Padres (9-5)


Milwaukee (7-5), Phillies (6-6) in the hunt

Winner: Dodgers

Baseball’s best team is at it again, riding a six game win streak to an 11-2 start. They face the Padres now in a highly anticipated series.

Loser: Astros

The Astros have lost all their momentum from the first week, losing five straight. Fortunately this is a full 162 game season so there’s not much concern...for now.

Winner: Red Sox

After starting 0-3 the 2018 World Series Champions have caught fire, winning 9 of 10 to reach 9-4 and take the lead in the AL East. Even though it’s early, their fans must be glad to see their team raking again.

Loser: Cubs

The Cubs have less scoring output than a soccer team, scoring five runs or less in all their games to date—and most of them were against the Pirates, who they only went 3-3 against. If they don’t start producing some offense soon, it might be a long summer on the North Side.