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Tuesday Headlines: Kansas is a Disaster Edition

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Things aren’t pretty over in Lawrence.

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NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We might be getting into the thick of March Madness, but there’s a wild situation going on with the Kansas Jayhawks football program right now.

Near the end of February, reports were circulating about Les Miles’ time at LSU, which you can read more about here. as well as here.

The reports were pretty shocking. Inappropriate contact with female students, harassment. It’s all there.

Miles, who had since moved onto coaching at Kansas, denied many of the accusations.

However, last night, reports came out that Kansas and Les Miles agreed to mutually part ways.

Oddly enough though, the school’s statement mentions nothing about the allegations against Miles. Instead, it seems to more so point to the Jayhawks’ lack of success on the football field.

Granted, Miles didn’t perform to expectations during his time in Lawrence. Miles was only 3-18 in two seasons at the helm of the Kansas football program. However, there were no rumblings of Miles being let go until these reports started coming out.

Kansas denied knowing about any of the allegations when they hired Miles in 2018, which certainly doesn’t look good on KU Athletic Director Jeff Long.

Oh, and lest we forget about all the issues with Bill Self and the men’s basketball program. They’re in hot water with the NCAA and could be facing serious penalties in the future.

What a mess in Jayhawk land.

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