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Saturday Quickies: Season Finale Edition

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The Kentucky Wildcats try to get up off the mat after two straight losses.

NCAA Basketball: Florida at Kentucky Arden Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the regular season finale for the Kentucky Wildcats as they take on the South Carolina Gamecocks in Rupp Arena.

It’s been a rough week as the Cats suffered losses from the Florida Gators and the Ole Miss Rebels. Both losses stung for different reasons. Florida is a tournament team but UK had a lead in the second half and they squandered it like they have most leads this season. The Ole Miss loss was just... bad. That one had a feeling of finality to it like no other game before it this season. The Cats have fought in every game this season but they, including coach John Calipari, looked as tired and frustrated as they had all season long.

This is why I have no idea what to expect from them against South Carolina today. No clue. South Carolina isn’t a good basketball team but Kentucky is seemingly so down in the dumps that I can see them losing and not bat eye.

The story to watch here today is the (kind of) reported injury to senior guard Davion Mintz. Matt Jones reported earlier in the week that an unnamed “significant” player suffered an injury at practice.

Yesterday afternoon, Kyle Tucker of The Athletic tweeted this out:

Hopefully this is true because I have no idea what in the hell John Calipari would do if Mintz can’t go at any point during the game. He’s the best point guard option and is the only guy that Calipari can rely on to be a consistent scorer.

If Mintz is limited, will Kentucky fans see more of Dontaie Allen at the two and could this be his last game in Rupp Arena?

Tweets of the Day

Usually the Cats are playing for the top seed in the SEC Tournament. Instead, they are looking at who the opponent in the 8-9 game is going to be.

You never know what you’re going to see in these mid-major tournaments.


Calipari wants team to ‘stay in the moment’ | Cats Pause- John Calipari admitted to us all on Tuesday night that he was out of answers with this team and that he hasn’t experienced a season like this in over 30 years. This feels like his last ditch effort to get the team to buy in.

Is it time for a coaching change at South Carolina? | Garnett and Black Attack- While Kentucky’s season has been miserable, South Carolina has had it worse. They’ve had to deal with a mountain of COVID issues on top of losing game after game. But with the athletic department already paying Will Muschamp a truck load of money, I don’t see them making any moves on Frank Martin.

Top SEC coaching duos | Saturday’s Down South- Normally John Calipari and Mark Stoops are at the top of this list but due to both coaches having losing seasons, Alabama’s duo of Nick Saban and Nate Oates are the number one pick.

Number 3 volleyball sweeps LSU | UK Athletics- The women’s volleyball team is the best in the SEC and one of the best in the country as they continue to roll along.

Cats need to quit dropping heads in final minutes | Your Sports Edge- It’s been a common theme throughout the season that Kentucky tightens up and loses their composure in the final stretch. The runway is just about out.

Kentucky baseball fals for first time this season | UK Athletics- UK baseball has been on a roll to start the season but they took their first stumble 3-2 to Ball State and are now 6-1 on the season.

Gavin Wimsatt crystal ball favors Kentucky | Cats Pause- The home state four star duel threat quarterback has offers from Ole Miss, West Virginia, Michigan State, Louisville, among many others. The Owensboro native is closing in on a decision and the Cats seem the team to beat.

Expect coaches to be short with the media in March | WDRB- Rick Bozich addressed the Jim Boeheim clownery from the other night as college basketball coaches are sweating out tournament invites.

Rhyne Howard scores 33 in stunning loss | UK Athletics- The Women’s Team made an early and unexpected exit from the SEC tournament as they dropped a clunker to Georgia 78-66. They could never get it going.

There may be only two post game shows left this season, so join me for this one immediately following the game at around 2:00 PM. We will take calls and John Calipari’s final Zoom from Rupp this season. The post game shows haven’t been a ton of fun this season but they’ve been entertaining as hell.