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Overtime introduces new pro basketball league

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Overtime has introduced a new program for players wishing to pursue a professional basketball career

NCAA Basketball: Toledo at Xavier Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

There will be a new professional path for elite high school prospects to take starting in September 2021 thanks to Overtime.

Overtime, the company that is known for creating a lot of the highlight tapes you see all over the internet, is creating their own path for athletes desiring to chase a professional career. The new program will be called Overtime Elite (OTE) and will be looking for kids between the age of 16-18 that are interested in pursuing a basketball career, but don’t want to go the traditional route. The program will feature up to 30 players.

Specifics of the league including pay and benefits were released earlier today. Each player will earn a minimum salary of $100,000, plus bonuses, and equity share in Overtime. Players will also be able to receive compensation regarding their name, image, and likeness being used. They also will be able to sign endorsement deals with the shoe company of their choosing.

Overtime will also be offering the players full healthcare and disability benefits. On top of all of that if the player chooses to not chase a professional career they will offer up to $100,000 in college tuition.

On the board of directors for OTE is Carmelo Anthony and he has this to say when talking about the new program, “Many athletes aren’t properly prepared for what it really means to go pro. We need to do a better job of empowering the next generation of players and setting them up for success. OTE is leading the way on that front by offering players a comprehensive route that fully develops the athlete – not just basketball skills, but also education, economic empowerment and building their own brand. Having this type of guidance for high school players is critical in setting them up for a successful career both on and off the court.”

College basketball recruiting has changed for the long haul it seems, with elite prospects now looking for alternative options to pursue their professional basketball dreams. With OTE now becoming and option next to the G-League team that was introduced this year, along with the option of going overseas, the high power talent we have been accustomed to seeing in college basketball will now have several different options on the path they choose to reach the NBA.

The NCAA was scheduled to vote on NIL rights earlier this year in January put has been postponed as they wait on a Supreme Court ruling deciding on whether or not education benefits can be capped for student athletes.