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A key Kentucky player is injured, should play vs. South Carolina

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Crisis averted?

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


It’s Davion Mintz, and he’s expected to play through the injury.

This has been one rough season for the Kentucky Wildcats, so it’s only appropriate it may end with another injury to a key player.

According to KSR’s Matt Jones, one of the Wildcats was injured during today’s practice and is now uncertain to play Saturday vs. the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Kentucky has already had significant injuries to Keion Brooks and Terrence Clarke, the latter of which isn’t expected to play again this season. Losing another key guy like Davion Mintz, Keion Brooks, BJ Boston, Isaiah Jackson, Jacob Toppin, Devin Askew or Olivier Sarr would really leave Kentucky thin Saturday.

It’s obviously unclear who the player in question is, but even a minor injury this late in the week could sideline them Saturday in a game Kentucky really needs to win for a much-needed confidence boost heading into the SEC Tournament.

Given Kentucky’s luck with injuries recently, it’s fair to wonder if whoever was injured has played his last minute this season, and potentially his career. With the Wildcats’ season likely to end next week if they can’t win the SEC Tournament, you have to wonder if whoever is injured will think it’s worth playing again in what’s been one of the worst seasons in the history of the program.

It’s possible we learn of the injury tomorrow when Kentucky holds its pre-South Carolina press conference with local media, though I’d imagine John Calipari will try to play this close to the vest.

We will update this post if any more details come out tonight.