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Recruiting analysts share insight on Trevor Keels

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The news isn’t great for Kentucky.

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Over the past few weeks, there have been rumblings that John Calipari just might surprise the recruiting world by swooping in and becoming a real player in the recruitment of five star shoot guard Trevor Keels.

As that still could be the case — recent insight from several recruiting analysts at Rivals make the idea of him ultimately landing at Kentucky seem far fetched.

Calipari offered Keels a scholarship just a few weeks ago on Feb 12th despite other top programs being actively involved from the very beginning. Villanova and Duke are the two schools that have been heavily linked to Keels’ name and it seems as if that Coach K will be the man to beat.

Currently, all six predictions entered into 247 Sports crystal ball are going the way of the Blue Devils.

At 6-5 and 210 pounds, Keels is a strong guard who has a tremendous feel for the game. He can score at three levels and with his current strength he should blossom into a terrific defender once he gets to work on a Division I campus. Recently, he was named as a McDonald’s All-American and is considered to be a top-20 player in the class of 2021.

Now why would Calipari offer so late if he thought he didn’t stand a chance?

Cal must think he has some angle to play here or I doubt he’d waste the time getting involved this close to the end. Who knows the scenario is that could somehow push Keels to Lexington. It’s no secret that the UK coaching staff has prioritized prospects like Jaden Hardy who could very well opt to play professionally and Hunter Sallis, who many believe will stay out west and play at Gonzaga.

Here is what the Rivals recruiting experts had to say about Kentucky’s chances to land Trevor Keels.

Rob Cassidy:

“I don’t see it. It’s unwise to ever count John Calipari out of a recruiting battle, but this one might be a bit too uphill even for him. Duke and Villanova have too much of a head start when it comes to luring Trevor Keels. And, at this point, hometown Creighton even seems like a more likely option.”

Jamie Shaw:

“No. This has been a two-team race for a while now, Duke and Villanova.”

Russ Wood:

If my memory serves me correctly, Kentucky has not done too well when it offers late while either Duke or North Carolina had already established good long-term relationships with a prospect and his family. Having said that John Calipari wouldn’t have offered late if he did not believe he has a real shot here. So, the Wildcats are in the sweepstakes but right now I do not believe they will get Keels’ signature.

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