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Wednesday Headlines: Worst Two-Point Shooting Team in America? Edition

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It wouldn’t really be surprising.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

John Calipari had an interesting quote following Kentucky’s loss to Ole Miss last night.

I’m not sure if this is statistically accurate or not, but just from the eyeball test, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Last night, Kentucky shot 44.4 percent on two-point shots (16/36).

According to , Kentucky ranks 311/347 for two-point field goal percentage at 45.5 percent. For reference, Gonzaga ranks first at 64.4 percent.

This season, game after game, time after time, we’ve watched missed layups that have left us scratching our heads wondering how that shot could be missed. We’ve watched players pull up for long two-pointers when they could take a three by shooting from one step further back. We’ve watched contested mid-range jumpers that nobody had any business taking.

The list goes on and on.

It all points to an offense that is not effective, to put it nicely, and a system that needs changing.

As for the two-point shooting, I think fans know just how bad it is.

Tweet of the Day

That’s so 2020-2021.


Rhyne Howard enters rare territory as 2X SEC Player of the Year - Herald Leader

Rare territory for a rare talent.

Takeaways from last night’s loss - KSR

Free throw shooting and rebounding hurt the Cats.

Calipari experimented with Davion Mintz at point guard - Cats Pause

That had to be done.

Losing to Ole Miss makes Kentucky’s SEC Tourney path more difficult - Courier Journal

It was never going to be easy, but it keeps getting more difficult.

Devin Booker to participate in three-point contest - Bleacher Report

Booker could be one of the early favorites.

Baylor-WVU was one of the best CBB games of the season - Yahoo

That had the feel of an NCAA Tournament game.

Horizon League Quarterfinals were wild - SI

The NKU ending wasn’t the only wild game.

James Harden plans return to Houston - ESPN

What will the reaction be?