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Charles Barkley blasts the NCAA during March Madness coverage

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Barkley was speaking nothing but the truth.

NCAA Men’s Final Four - National Championship - Villanova v North Carolina Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

We all know that Charles Barkley is one to speak his mind. Well, late Sunday night, Barkley went on a rant about the NCAA on a recent NCAA March Madness postgame show.

During the show, Kenny Smith was giving his comments on the NCAA rulebook and Barkley interrupted him to slam the NCAA.

“Please stop,” interjected Barkley. “Stop that rule stuff.”

“Man, let me tell you something. The NCAA, they’re like the Barney Fife of the world. They do an awful job of administrating. We got guys on tape, paying players, three years ago; they ain’t saying nothing about.”

Smith would go back at Barkley saying that COVID played a role in the delayed response to the findings of the FBI.

However, Barkley wasn’t having it nor accepting it as an excuse.

“It has nothing to do with COVID,” Barkley stated. “The NCAA, they are so far behind the times, they’re so reactive. It’s time to get their crap together. They say they want to stop cheating; they want to make everything equal with their women because that was a travesty and a disgrace. It’s time for us, because we’re in the business–we’re in bed with the NCAA. It’s time for us–you know, we do a lot of the social stuff in the NBA–it’s time for us guys and coaches to say, y’all gotta do a better job.”

Barkley is not wrong with his comments. It is such a bad look for the NCAA that coaches like Will Wade, who have been caught on tape talking about paying players, are still the head coach at their schools and the NCAA has yet to do a single thing about it.

You can watch Barkley’s rant below:

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