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Louisville board of trustees member/donor praises Mark Stoops

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He’s not wrong.

Photo: 1CardsFan via Twitter

Even the most loyal of Louisville Cardinals fans admit Mark Stoops is the best football coach in the Commonwealth.

Jonathan Blue, a member of UL Athletics’ board of directors, a massive donor, and someone who has the Twitter handle @1CardsFan, seemed to through shade at Scott Satterfield by posing for a picture with Kentucky’s Stoops at Liquor Barn in Springhurst by captioning the photo, “Cheers to the best football coach in the Commonwealth for stopping by.”

The honeymoon phase for Satterfield at Louisville only lasted one year. In 2019, the former Appalachian State head coach took over a Cardinals program coming off a 2-10 2018 season and guided them to a six-win turn around at 8-5 and a win over Mississippi State in the Music City Bowl.

2020 was a different story for the Cards, as they went just 4-7 on the year with a conference mark of 3-7. They saw several of their top players opt out midseason and did not play in a bowl game.

Not only did Satterfield not pile up wins, but he flirted with the South Carolina head coaching job, despite insisting he had “no intention” of leaving that led to him writing an apology letter to fans.

He then made more negative headlines by seemingly taking a shot at student athletes’ commitments to schools in comparison to coaches, saying, “Well, I think as players, it’s a little bit different than coaches. I know sometimes we like to lump players in there with coaches. As a player, you’re there for three or four years and then you’re done. I think as coaches and as players, you really don’t have a family. It’s just you.”

Incase there was any doubt in Stoops being the best coach in the Commonwealth, he owns an improving 3-4 record against Louisville, with one of those losses coming in 2013 when he entered a program left behind in shambles by Joker Phillips.

As for the wins, one came against Heisman Trophy Winner Lamar Jackson, one came by a score of 56-10 in Louisville, and the other came by a final of 45-13 in a game that featured two 8-5 teams.