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Wednesday Headlines: Nolan Hickman Edition

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The incoming Cat talks about his senior year, being named a McDonalds All-American

Nolan Hickman

Kentucky has a really talented guard coming in the 2021 class.

By now, you probably know his name, Nolan Hickman.

But Hickman was the subject of a feature on Scorebook Live, which goes in-depth about his decision to move to Utah for a senior basketball season and what it was like being named as a McDonald’s All-American.

Hickman and fellow Kentucky commitment Daimion Collins were both labeled as McDonald’s All-Americans who will be making their way to Lexington next year and this is a fantastic read to learn more about Hickman.

In an unusual recruiting cycle, I think Hickman has flown a little under-the-radar and is going to be a huge addition for Kentucky next season.

If you want to check out the Scorebook Live feature, you can check it out here.

And if you want to see Hickman in action soon, his Wasatch Academy squad will be playing on ESPNU in the Geico Nationals on April 1 at 6 p.m. ET.

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