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Liam Coen wants to feed Christopher Rodriguez the ball in 2021

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All Kentucky fans: “This is what we’ve been waiting for!”

NCAA Football: Belk Bowl-Virginia Tech vs Kentucky Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The news that all of BBN was ready to hear came out this week: Christopher Rodriguez will get the ball, A LOT next season.

This past year, we saw some great potential from Rodriguez, as he ran for 785 yards on 119 carries and found himself in the end zone 11 times. But splitting the backfield with two other backs definitely tampered his production.

With AJ Rose leaving, the door is now wide open for Rodriguez to take over the Kentucky Wildcats’ backfield.

And that’s exactly the sentiment we got from new offensive coordinator Liam Coen.

“Chris Rodriguez needs to touch the ball as many times as possible,” Coen said following a recent spring practice.

Coen is already making BBN happy with this news. Coming from the Los Angeles Rams, and more importantly Sean McVay, the expectations are high.

The best way to start out is with the offensive strengths that were already in place, such as Kentucky’s running game.

“It’s my job, and our job as an offensive staff, to find different ways for him (C-Rod) to touch the football as opposed to turning around and gibing him the ball,” Coen said. “That’s something that’s new, being able to free-release from the backfield and catch the football. It would be hard for me to say right now how many touches a game each guy would like to get, but I do know we want to try to get Chris over 25 touches a game for sure.”

The passing aspect with the RBs really intrigues me, as it’s something we didn’t really see with Gran and his offense.

While all of this sounds great, we’re ready to see how it plays out on the field. Before you know it, football season will be here, so get ready!