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Saturday Quickies: Upset City Edition

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The first day of the tournament was wild.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Oral Roberts at Ohio State Joshua Bickel-USA TODAY Sports

I know some Kentucky Wildcats fans that have decided to opt out of this year’s tournament because their favorite team didn’t make it. You’re doing yourself a disservice.

Yesterday was awesome. The first round of the tournament is always delightful, but for this year it was so much better than it ever has been. One of the big reasons was the early prediction of a chalk tournament was put to bed immediately as Oral Roberts stunned Ohio State in one of the earliest games of the day.

Other big upsets included the Oregon State Beavers over the Tennessee Volunteers, and the Mean Green of North Texas took down the Purdue Boilermakers. This is fun basketball. This is what the tournament is about.

So if you’re one of the few that decided to hold out because John Calipari and the Cats aren’t dancing, get over it and watch some college basketball. You’ll thank me.

Tweets of the Day

Kiyaunta Goodwin is a 6’8 320 pound four star offensive lineman. Considering Kentucky’s success with offensive lineman, I can see why Lexington would be an attractive spot for this young man.

I love Charles Barkley so it doesn’t bother me but yeah I get what he’s saying.


Is Kentucky basketball broken? | Your Sports Edge-This is extremely hyperbolic. The season was a disaster and nobody is happy about it, but let’s not kick dirt on John Calipari just yet. Once motivated he rarely disappoints and he sounds as motivated as we have heard him in years.

Terrence Clarke to the NBA | Cats Pause- This should come as a surprise to no one. Calipari tweeted that this was a difficult decision for Terrence Clarke. I don’t know how much I believe of that (less than 5%) but the Clarke experience was a disappointment for all parties involved. His journey into the NBA may be difficult. Clarke will forgo the remainder of his college eligibility.

Lance Ware says he’s returning | Go Big Blue Country- Ware used social media to announce that he plans on coming back to UK for his sophomore year. Kentucky seems set at the front court with Ware, Oscar Tshiebwe, Daimion Collins, and Bryce Hopkins. Keion Brooks and Jacob Toppin have yet to make their decisions known but I am now expecting Brooks to go and Toppin to stay.

Cats demolish Tigers in first SEC contest | Cats Illustrated- Kentucky (12-3, 1-0) romped all over the Missouri Tigers (7-11, 0-1) by a score of 10-2.

ACC and Big Ten lay major eggs on Friday | CBS- We all knew the ACC stunk because: A). We all watched college basketball; and B). Their highest seeded teams were four seeds. But the story here is how the Mighty Big Ten was awful in their first round.

NCAA apologizes for the women’s workout room conditions | ESPN- Yesterday a viral tweet showcased the disparity between the men’s NCAA Tournament experience vs. the women’s NCAA tournament experience. The NCAA is as cheap as they come but what they’re doing to the women is downright shameful.

SEC in the tournament recap | SDS- The SEC handled itself much better than the ACC or the Big Ten did during the first day as Arkansas and Florida both won but Tennessee was completely skunked by Oregon State. Today LSU, Missouri, and Alabama all play. I think the SEC goes 2-1 again.

Ranking Saturday’s tournament games | USA Today- Today we get to see Gonzaga and Michigan make their tournament debuts.

Lawsuits against Deshaun Watson up to 12 | CNN- The embattled Texans quarterback has seen one accuser turned into a dozen in a matter of days as allegations of sexual misconduct continue to pile up. The NFL and the Texans are aware of the situation but have no further comments at this time.

Kentucky falls to Florida in five sets | UK Athletics- The #3 Kentucky Wildcats fell to the #7 Florida Gators in an epic battle. Both teams figure to be in the thick of it in the postseason.

The government continues to be more and more candid about UAPs as more and more sightings occur.

is Disclosure imminent? Discuss.

And finally, if any of you out there listen to me on The Take with Andy Sweeney, you know we are doing our sound bracket that coincides with the NCAA Tournament. It’s complete and you can listen to all of the great sounds here on a sound board. Even if you aren’t a regular listener, I guarantee you will laugh. Andy and producer Mitchell Handegan worked extremely hard on this and they did a great job. End of my PSA.

Here is the schedule for Saturday’s tournament games. Enjoy!