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The NCAA Tournament is already bonkers

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North Carolina, Tennessee and Ohio State are among the top programs to go down in flames already.

The NCAA tournament is now in full swing, and unsurprisingly, the results have been spectacular.

Kentucky fans are obviously in unfamiliar territory with the painful absence of their beloved Wildcats.

After Selection Sunday, with both Kentucky and Louisville left out of the field, it felt like the Commonwealth was collectively disinterested in this year’s Big Dance.

However, things appeared to quickly change when the magical moments of the tournament began to unfold.

Enjoyable upsets aside — watching some of the biggest names in college basketball go down in flames has been a treat all in itself.

Before we get started, I realize that Kentucky didn’t even make the tournament. Not even the NIT. Horrible season. So it probably seems lame to make fun of team that did get a bid.

But just let us have some fun here.

The mayhem started with Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans losing in overtime on Thursday night. The 86-80 loss was bad enough, adding in another Izzo/player altercation and it became a miserable end to a disappointing season.

The Spartans finish the year at 15-13.

January, February, Izzo?

Ah, that’s too bad.

Friday produced a slew of upsets, including a blue blood falling and 2 see going down in a heartbreaker.

The biggest jaw-dropper of the tournament so far is without a doubt the epic collapse of 2nd-seeded Ohio State.

The Buckeyes fell in overtime 75-72 to the Summit league champion Oral Roberts.

Bracket meet busted.

Next up, we have the Tennessee Volunteers, who decided to just not show up for their game against Oregon State in any form or fashion.

Rick Barnes’ squad found themselves down 33-19 at the half and pretty much were dominated from tip to finish.

It has to be tough for Volunteer fans considering they find a way to underachieve at every given opportunity.

They surely will find no sympathy from UK fans. Just pointing and laughing.

Roy Williams too had a rough day as he saw his perfect 29-0 record in the Round of 64 come to an end.

The Tar Heels got absolutely spanked by Wisconsin 85-62 and finish the year at 18-11.

As one of the only blue bloods to be represented in the tournament, a 23-point blowout performance wasn’t exactly ideal.

Despite an overall season performance that earned them a trip to Indy, UNC just didn’t have the “it” factor all year. Similar to Kentucky and Duke it was clear after a just a few weeks that the Tar Heels weren’t poised for a March run.

Oh, and 4th-seeded Pursue just lost to North Texas, as the Mean Green just won their first NCAA Tournament game ever.

Hopefully, you can find some relief in the fact that the BBN aren’t the only ones suffering.

This bizarre COVID tainted season is finally coming to an end for many miserable fanbases.

Kick back and enjoy the Wildcat-less tournament. It’ll be next season before you know it.