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247 Sports ranks the “nastiest” rivalries in college sports

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Of course the Cats and Cards make the cut.

Big Blue Drew

Well — normally you would get this kind of content during the lulls of the long, hot summer.

However, the guys over at 247 Sports decided to drop in a “greatest rivalries” in college sports article just as March Madness gets underway.

It’s a topic that never really gets old and always brings a passionate response from those in the Bluegrass.

The list, created by 247 Sports staffer Brad Crawford, was compiled by ranking the top 10 “nastiest” rivalries in college sports.

Choosing to use the word “nasty” may change the ultimate rankings a bit considering the nature of the word.

The final list included eight football rivalries and just two basketball.

By now, you’ve probably guessed that Kentucky Wildcats vs. Louisville Cardinals basketball made the cut. The mutual hatred between the Cats and the Cards checked in at No. 5 on the list.

Here is exactly what Crawford wrote about the Battle of the Bluegrass.

“Those from the Bluegrass would likely put this one higher on the list and they might be right. The Wildcats and Cardinals can’t stand each other. There are fans who still talk about Kentucky’s win over Louisville in the 1984 NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16, the point at which this series really got nasty. Separated by 80 miles, Kentucky and Louisville are two of college basketball’s most storied programs. One of the more juicy storylines over the past few decades was Rick Pitino taking the Louisville job in 2001 after leading Kentucky from 1989-97. He won national titles at both programs. The two rivals met in the 2012 Final Four, a Kentucky victory leading to John Calipari’s only national title at the program a few days later. Kentucky leads the all-time series, 37-17.”

The other basketball rivalry?

You already know, but I’ll answer my own question anyway. Duke and North Carolina basketball was named the second “nastiest” rivalry in college sports.

This debate will never end and one side will never change the others’ mind.