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Will Wade is upset at Dick Vitale for calling him out

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I think we are all on Vitale’s side in this one.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Mississippi vs Louisiana State Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the scandal that is surrounding the LSU Tigers’ basketball program with them allegedly paying players to come to LSU.

Fast forward to the SEC Tournament, Will Wade and the Tigers go on a run to the SEC championship game facing top seeded Alabama.

During the game, ESPN announcer Dick Vitale called Wade out for all of the cheating that has been going on within the program.

Will Wade was asked about the comments Vitale made and it appears that Wade was pretty upset about it.

“He flat-out lied to me,” Wade said. “He told me on the phone the night before, ‘I’m not going to bring anything up,’ then I get 100 texts after the game. Unbelievable. That’s not what he told me the night before.”

Wade being upset that Vitale called him out for being a cheater is one of the funniest things I have seen.

It’s debatable as to whether Will Wade should even have a coaching job right now, and he’s gonna complain about Dick Vitale preaching the truth?