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SEC intraconference transfer rule could decide if UK gets Justin Powell

Things are trending toward a happy ending for Powell and UK, but it’s no done deal.

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday morning, the ACC Board of Directors voted unanimously to drop the intraconference transfer rule that was in place for the conference.

As the name states, this is the rule that requires athletes transferring from one school to another school in the conference to have to sit out one year or be granted immediate eligibility.

The major question now is will the SEC follow in the foot steps of dropping this rule?

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey recently told the Courier Journal, that if the NCAA one-time transfer rule is passed (as many expect it to be), the league could potentially reproach the subject at a later date in the spring. For now though the rule is still in place.

The Division I Council meeting is being held during the Final Four, which is when the one-time transfer rule will be voted on.

For the Kentucky Wildcats, this rule could have some major implications to the basketball roster makeup for next season, especially with the interest in Auburn Tigers transfer Justin Powell. If Kentucky is to offer Powell and accept a commitment from him, they would then either need the league to drop the rule or seek immediate eligibility if it isn’t.

Well, KSR’s Matt Jones believes that Powell will likely become a Wildcat if the SEC’s intraconference transfer rule is abolished.

Just last season, Kentucky faced a similar situation with former Auburn transfer Joey Gatewood. For him, it took months for the approval to come because the SEC rule was still in place, and he ended up not being eligible until Week 2 of the regular season.

Although there a few major differences to the situations in play for both men, it should be stated that there in no guarantee that the process for Powell would go any quicker, or if Kentucky would even take his commitment if the rule is not abolished.

Either way, this is a rule that needs to be changed for the sake of the student athletes. Let’s hope the SEC sees it that way as well.

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