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Sunday Headlines: Selection Sunday Edition

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It’s a weird Selection Sunday without Kentucky involved

Selection Sunday is today, and admittedly, it’s a bit weird to be writing this from the perspective of a team that won’t be in the NCAA Tournament.

This is only the second time under John Calipari that the Kentucky Wildcats won’t be in the Big Dance, so I won’t be anxiously sitting in front of the television, playing through the brackets in my head trying to imagine Kentucky’s path to the Final Four.

This year has been a weird year across college basketball, so it’s setting up to be a tournament unlike any other. Factor in COVID-19 and the possibility of teams having to be replaced before the first tip-off of the tournament, and this year’s Big Dance gets even weirder.

Gonzaga will enter the tournament as the favorite and in all likelihood, the number one overall seed considering how Baylor and Michigan lost before their conference tournament finals.

As for teams from the Bluegrass, we know Morehead State is a lock to get in and are likely looking at a 14 or 15 seed. Louisville is on the bubble going into today, but if an upset occurs, like Cincinnati upsetting Houston in the AAC Finals, the Cards could find themselves on the outside looking in.

If we’re trying to stay positive, this year’s tournament can be stress-free as Kentucky fans. Gotta try to find the positive somewhere, right?

What teams are you rooting for in this year’s tournament?

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