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Anonymous SEC coach rips BJ Boston

“If Brandon Boston Jr. goes pro, he’ll never be a great player.”

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NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

During the tough season for the Kentucky Wildcats, there have been a multitude of problems. Perhaps none bigger than the two would-be stars of the team, BJ Boston and Terrence Clarke, being nothing but disappointing on the court throughout much of the season, with Clarke missing the last month due to injury.

Seth Davis of The Athletic spoke to some anonymous SEC coaches and got them to share their true thoughts and feelings on this season’s Kentucky squad.

And spoiler alert, BJ Boston got the brunt end of it.

“They’re struggling offensively like a lot of us. If Brandon Boston Jr. goes pro he’ll never be a great player. He’s too soft, he doesn’t shoot it great, he’s not physical. He needs to come back another year. Devin Askew is not a break-you-down point guard who creates for others. They’ve always had that guy. Boston is super talented, but I’m not sure he really understood the pressure-cooker he was signing up for. They’re struggling to shoot the ball so everybody collapses in the paint and says, ‘I’m not gonna go out there and play you.’ That puts enormous pressure on your defense. Olivier Sarr’s issues are more psychological than physical. He’s under a lot more pressure than he was at Wake Forest.”

The coach was right about everything that he spoke of, and as much as we would all love Boston to come back for one more season, that is likely not happening with someone as big of a name as his.

Heck, John Calipari may tell him to go pro if he’s still viewed as a first-round prospect by a few NBA teams. Hopefully, Boston ends the season on a high note and reminds everyone why he was viewed as a lottery pick coming into the season.