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Brandon Boston’s struggles continue vs. Tennessee

After a few games of progress, Boston takes a few steps back

Tennessee v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

After a few games of solid, efficient production for Brandon Boston Jr., the freshman took a step back in the Kentucky Wildcats loss to the Tennessee Volunteers.

Boston finished the night with six points on 2/13 shooting from the field, including 0/2 from three. He also had four rebounds, as well as one turnover in 26 minutes of play.

If you look back at the last several games, Boston has shown the most growth particularly with his shot selection, meaning we didn’t see a lot of the “flipsy doodle” shots to be particular.

Saturday, we didn’t see many of those, but it was a combination of rushed shots and stagnant offense, especially in the second half. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like his smooth jumper from high school is going to make the transition either this year.

Boston plays well in transition and uses his length effectively to finish at the rim when penetration happens to break down the defense. Without that, his strength at the rim has haltered his finishing ability countless times this season. We also can’t forget the three-point shooting woes for the season just shooting 21% from three.

When you watch Boston’s game, you can see the potential everyone raved about coming into this season. Whether it be in short spurts or the last several games, it almost seemed like he was rounding the corner towards his billing.

Even in a step-back game, if the Cats stand any chance of winning the SEC Tournament (which isn’t likely at this point), Boston is going to have that light-switch moment as the season is reaching the final stretch.