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Calipari gives ominous update on Terrence Clarke while basically calling him out

Calipari’s comments on Clarke don’t seem the most optimistic.

NCAA Basketball: Bluegrass Showcase-Richmond at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

We haven’t seen Terrence Clarke play in a game since the Louisville game back on Dec. 26.

Since then, he’s been reportedly dealing with an ankle injury, and after the Kentucky Wildcats’ loss to the Missouri Tigers, John Calipari had an unusual update on the situation with Clarke.

It’s a rather odd comment to make, and seems like Calipari is calling Clarke out for not returning to action.

We’ve known there was more to the Clarke injury than meets the surface for a while. The timeline of his return continued to shift, and every few games, his expected return date continued to be pushed back.

Now, many fans are left wondering, will we see Terrence Clarke on the floor in a Kentucky uniform again this season?

It’s a reasonable question to ask as the regular season begins to wind down. Less than a month remains until Kentucky’s regular season finale against Ole Miss on March 2, and the Wildcats only have eight games left on the schedule.

Of course, just a few days ago, Clarke tweeted that he’ll be on the basketball court soon.

Who knows what is going on, except that this is just another confusing piece in a season that is looking like a jigsaw puzzle scattered across the floor.