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Skyy Clark still expected to stay in 2022 class

With several guards likely to return, having Clark come to school a year early isn’t as crucial.

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It still appears the Big Blue Nation will have to wait until 2022 to welcome Skyy Clark to Lexington.

The five-star combo-guard, who committed to the Kentucky Wildcats in October, is still expected to remain in the class of 2022 and not arrive at UK a year early, per The Athletic’s Kyle Tucker.

Tucker was asked as part of a mailbag from readers if he felt Clark was an option for the Cats next season in which he answered, “Clark, a consensus top-15 prospect and the No. 2 combo guard in the Class of 2022, remains committed (for now) to staying put and joining UK two summers from now.”

If Clark does stay committed to staying in the 2022 class, the UK backcourt for next season will likely feature a combination of incoming freshman and McDonald’s All-American Nolan Hickman, Devin Askew and Dontaie Allen, who could both return for their sophomore seasons, and possibly Davion Mintz, who many expected to use this year’s blanket waiver to return to the Wildcats for a sixth-year of college basketball next year.

While having to wait for the consensus five-star recruit is disappointing, this year has taught all of Big Blue Nation elite freshman don’t always give you wins and that experience matters and UK is expected to be a more experienced team than John Calipari is a custom to having.

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