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Who should Kentucky schedule to replace Texas A&M?

A short list of teams I would like to see Kentucky schedule.

NCAA Basketball: Western Kentucky at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

With reports surfacing that Kentucky vs Texas A&M is officially off on Tuesday night due to COVID-19 issues with the Aggies’ program, that leaves Kentucky searching for a replacement game.

So who should it be? Let’s go down the list.

To start, the game is almost certainly going to be an out-of-conference game and certainly one that is a non-power five team. But that still leaves plenty of options.

Let’s start with option one.

Eastern Kentucky

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Colonels, they may be the hottest team in Kentucky right now. A.W Hamilton’s squad sits at 18-5 overall and is third in the OVC, going for their second straight top-four finish in the conference.

EKU plays a severely fast-paced style of playing, averaging 83 PPG, good enough for eighth in the country. The roster is also stacked with Kentuckians. Head coach A.W Hamilton is a former Scott County star in his third season as head man in charge.

Cooper Robb and Michael Moreno are also former Scott County studs, with Moreno leading Scott County to a Sweet 16 final just two years ago.

Eastern Kentucky is my first option.


Bellarmine is in their first season as a Division-I school and, had they not have to have a probationary period to make the NCAA Tournament, could probably get in out of the ASUN. But, a game against Kentucky could be a consolation prize.

Bellarmine has already taken on Duke this season, so they’re not scared to take on the blue-bloods of college basketball.

Although, I think I would much rather save this game for a packed house, as this one is much anticipated.

Detroit Mercy

This is one that probably makes the most sense. Brad plays for them and the game was scheduled twice already, but fell through due to COVID-19 concerns. If I’m betting, this game probably ends up getting played this season as a make-up game, or next season when (hopefully) all of this passes over.

Western Kentucky

Don’t worry, I knew you wanted this one. This is one that seemingly everyone wants to see. Western could make a case for being the second best team in the state this season and have been slowly climbing the ranks the past few seasons.

They’ve beaten numerous power-five teams over the last few years and Rick Stansbury is no stranger to playing against Kentucky and John Calipari.

Western beat Alabama this year and Kentucky got swept by them, also.

Western called out Kentucky over the summer and UK blew them off. Does Kentucky call them back now? (Probably not.)