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The Big Dog claps back at Chris Mack

Louisville never gets one over on Marrow.

Matt Jones on Twitter

On Saturday, at some point around the time that Louisville was getting dismantled by North Carolina, a video surfaced of Louisville coach Chris Mack and former Cardinal offensive lineman Eric Wood talking some serious trash about Kentucky basketball.

In the video, which resembles an early 80’s local Appalachian wrestling organization promo, and a bad one at that, Wood continues to state that Kentucky’s success over Louisville on the hardwood in recent years should be attributed to former assistant Kenny Payne. Since Payne left Kentucky for the New York Knicks, Louisville is undefeated (1-0) against John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats.

Payne tried to clear the air on Sunday, stating that Wood is a friend of his and that the video was a joke between friends. As a former Louisville player and a beloved Kentucky assistant coach, Payne obviously would not want to pick a side in the rivalry. You cannot play him for trying to downplay the video.

Other coaches at Kentucky, namely football assistant coach Vince Marrow, did not respond as kindly to the message coming out of what appeared to be a rager after a group of friends finished a quest in Dungeons and Dragons. He took to Twitter to eat his proverbial popcorn (actually Fritos) and show that he does not sweat the Cardinals even a little bit.

As a mathematician, I am still searching for hidden meanings in the various symbols in Marrow’s video, I think the “I crush Louisville in my sleep” vibe was pretty strong coming from the Big Dog.

What do you make of Mack’s video? What about Marrow’s response? And can the Cats please get a re-match with Louisville before the season is over?