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Jamal Murray makes NBA history

Murray is in the midst of just his fifth NBA season.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets have been disappointing this season despite having Nikola Jokic playing at an MVP level.

However, against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday, point guard Jamal Murray was the exact opposite. He went for a career-high 50 points.

It wasn’t that he shot 8/10 from the three-point line that was historic, but the fact that was dropped half of 100 points and did it without a single free-throw attempt. Murray has failed to shoot a free throw in only three games which he’s played over 30 minutes.

Murray, who thrives on three-point shooting and an elite mid-range game, went an insane 21-for-25 from the field against the Cavaliers in a game which the Nuggets won by 17 which makes one wonder why Murray topped 38 minutes.

Having been in the league for five years since playing with the Wildcats, Murray, like many elite former Kentucky players in the league, wasn’t the same dominant guard that he transitioned into.

Averaging 20.6 points per game, the most of his career, Murray has elevated his game this season. The 6-3, 23-year-old should be hopeful that he’ll earn his first All-Star appearance this season.

On top of scoring, Murray is averaging over four rebounds and four assists per game for the third consecutive season. He’s stepped his game up, and the Nuggets have certainly needed him to.

It should also be noted that Murray’s 47.4 percent from the field along with over 38 percent from three are both career-highs for the guard. He’s been finding his rhythm and is thriving alongside Jokic.

The tag-team duo has looked terrific recently, and they’ll need to continue to showcase that improvement as the Nuggets are just 16-13 so far this season.