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3 Wildcats crack Chad Ford’s NBA Big Board

BJ Boston was the highest ranked, and he didn’t even break into the top 15.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats had the best recruiting class in the nation this season. With two top-10 prospects making their way to Lexington and several other top-tier recruits, John Calipari’s team was designed to dominate.

Sadly, that’s been far from what’s happened this season.

Although they’ve had some guys out with injury, no one is making excuses for this Wildcats roster, one that’s lost 10 games and currently sits seventh in the SEC.

Now, while no one wants to make excuses for their play, the Cats did have to bring in and implement their schemes on five new starters. That’s tough. The talent is there, but the execution isn’t.

Despite it not being a regular season, the Wildcats will still have several players turn pro. That said, with the draft a few months away, it’s already time to turn out attention to where analysts rank some of the elite Wildcats.

In Chad Ford’s 2021 big board, Kentucky had three prospects named with the top being BJ Boston, the 6-foot-7 forward.

“Boston is one of the best pure scorers in the draft. He can score from anywhere on the floor. He needs to get stronger and improve his playmaking and a rocky start to the season at Kentucky has caused his stock to slide,” Ford said.

Boston’s been instrumental on this team, and while he’s averaging just over 12 points per game, Boston will likely be a lottery pick after having top-five potential when he came to Kentucky.

The next one up is Isaiah Jackson at No. 32. At 6-foot-10, Jackson can transcend as a center, averaging over six points and six rebounds per game. Jackson’s stock has certainly been the one that’s increased the most since arriving in Lexington.

Ford said: “Jackson has been super active as a shot blocker and defender at Kentucky. He needs to add strength and continue to work on his offensive game.”

That said, it’s likely you could’ve guessed the other Wildcat, and it’s Terrence Clarke. Clarke’s been a disappointment so far as he entered as a top-ten recruit and the second-best shooting guard in his draft class.

After a poor season so far, he’s slipped outside the top 30 for Ford and comes in at No. 35.

Clarke is one of the better scorers in the draft, but scouts worry how he’ll fit in with BJ Boston in Kentucky and whether he’ll be able to be productive with out the ball primarily in his hands.

Clarke’s been inefficient and turnover-prone.

Overall, both Clarke and Boston have seen their stock drop while Jackson’s arguably been the biggest gainer for the Wildcats.