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Jerry Stackhouse seemed unhappy with John Calipari following Kentucky’s win

Calipari gave Stackhouse the “peace” sign but he wasn’t having it.

Vanderbilt v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats picked up their second win in a row on Wednesday night after an 82-78 victory over the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Vanderbilt coach Jerry Stackhouse hasn’t had much success at all through his two seasons leading the Commodores. However, he seemed to let John Calipari really get to him Wednesday night.

Due to the coronavirus, teams are not shaking hands after games, though coaches are occasionally still meeting for a quick chat and fist bump before heading to their locker rooms.

Following the win, Coach Cal flashed the “peace” sign to Stackhouse, but it was obvious that he wasn’t having it with Cal.

Stackhouse instead shooed Calipari away and walked off the floor with an obvious look of anger, even with a mask on. Maybe he was mad at Cal, or perhaps the North Carolina alumni just really hates losing to Kentucky. Maybe he was just mad the refs didn’t help out Vanderbilt enough in the final minutes.

Since then, Stackhouse has been getting crushed on social media and many are correctly pointing out that if Cal or Coach K did the same thing, they would be getting blasted by the national media.

What are your thoughts on Stackhouse’s actions after the game?