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Tuesday Headlines: Mardi Gras Miracle Edition

Monday made 27 years since the incredible comeback.

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Yesterday marked 27 years since the Mardi Gras Miracle, when the Kentucky Wildcats overcame a 31-point deficit to defeat LSU on Feb. 15, 1994.

For fans who witnessed it, it was one of the greatest comebacks they’ve ever seen. For younger fans, we’ve watched the second half of that game on YouTube but can’t capture the magic of seeing it happen in-person.

If you want to reflect on that game, Kyle Tucker had a great piece he published for The Athletic [subscriber only] that goes in-depth about the game that you can read here.

Also, we posted a link under the Headlines where Walter McCarty and Travis Ford relive that game, so you can check that out too.

And if you want to check out some highlights, you can do that here.

Tweet of the Day

Big Blue All Star Game.


Cats finally seeing some success shooting the ball - KSR

Fingers crossed that continues.

How Wan’Dale Robinson and UK mended fences - Herald Leader

Never burn a bridge.

Travis Ford and Walter McCarty remember Mardi Gras Miracle - Cats Pause

One of the wildest comebacks you’ll see.

Anthony Davis to be re-evaluated in 2-3 weeks - ESPN

Hopefully AD heals up well.

Jalen Johnson opts out of season - SI

The Duke freshman is projected to go in the first round.

Pistons holding out Blake Griffin - Bleacher Report

Griffin seems to be on the move soon.

NBA to have three-point contest, skills contest - Yahoo

These will be a pregame to the All-Star game.