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Kentucky arrives in Nashville early to beat winter storm

It looks like this major winter storm won’t affect Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt.

Auburn v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With a winter storm hitting most of the Midwest here today, one might have wondered if the Kentucky Wildcats will get to play at Vanderbilt on Wednesday night.

Well, it looks like that game is still on as scheduled.

Jerry Tipton reported this morning that the basketball team has already arrived in Nashville, beating the storm that started in Tennessee this morning.

This should be great news for Big Blue Nation to hear, especially since it means the Cats should get extra practice time in Memorial Gymnasium, a unique arena that can be a tad challenging to adjust to.

With five games remaining (six if the South Carolina game is rescheduled), Vanderbilt lines up as one of the easier games to pick up a win.

After a close win against Auburn this past Saturday, the Cats need to keep the train rolling as they continue a push towards the SEC Tournament.

With a little over 48 hours until tip off, I cannot wait to hear the responses of how they spent their off time, when they weren’t preparing for Wednesday nights game. I really hope the Marriott has a great selection on their TV guide for their sakes.

It’s getting pretty gross down here in Tennessee currently. Hope everyone stays safe and warm!