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Devin Askew is staying positive and enjoying the journey at Kentucky

Askew remains positive and committed to Kentucky in the long term.

Devin Askew UK Athletics

In the worst year in program history, there isn’t much to be happy or pleased with if you’re a fan. Sometimes we get so caught up in our fandom that we forget that there are 18 and 19-year-old kids on the court representing the program that we love.

While there hasn’t been much to cheer about this season, Kentucky Wildcats guard Devin Askew is staying positive amidst a poor season.

Here’s what Askew had to say at today’s pre-Auburn press conference:

“I just take it as we’re learning. I know it’s been a long year. It’s been a lot of downs. I’m looking at it in a positive way,” Askew stated. “We’re one step closer, we’re connecting as a team. Yeah, I’m looking at it in a positive way. I think we’re one step closer and we’re getting better so I’m happy.”

It’s safe to say Askew’s Kentucky career to this point hasn’t been what he envisioned, but he’s not letting the struggles of this season affect his long-term goals and belief that this is where he belongs.

“No. Like I said before, my answer never changed, I’m not one of those kids,” Askew said when asked of past California recruits leaving Kentucky. “I’m here for good, staying here.”

It’s good to see such a positive outlook from the team despite how many fans may feel towards this season, and even this team in particular.

Let’s hope the positivity can carry Kentucky to a strong finish to the regular season, and then the SEC tournament.

Now, here’s a recap of everything Askew said today via UK Athletics.

On eliminating tough body language …

“It’s very important in the games to keep great body language and stay in the game, never quitting on the team. Body language is important. It’s what other players on the team feed off of. If I see one player with bad body language, I might have bad body language. Just, energy is contagious. Staying positive throughout the game, especially late in the game, is important.

On the SEC Tournament …

“We’re excited. We’re excited to try to go on this run and hopefully get a chance to win the SEC Tournament then get a chance to play in the March Madness. So, we’re excited. We’re looking forward to it but we’re going one game at a time. From this point on, we’re just going one game at a time. Focused on the next game and that’s it.”

On if he ever regrets reclassifying …

“No. Decision’s made. What’s second thoughts going to do for me?”

On whether the team can take something good from losses …

“100 percent. As everyone knows, we’re losing a lot of games right now. But there’s never a game when we don’t go out there and fight. It’s always a game where we’re coming out with energy and a will to win. We want to win every game, don’t get me wrong. Even though we’re not, it’s impressive to see all my teammates, including myself, come out there every game and still fight. I think most teams would just give up by now and, like ‘oh, this season is a wash, we’re kinda done with it.’ No, we’re still into it. We come out in practice every day and fight against each other and we come out in games and we fight and even though we’re not winning, we fight every game and we give it our all. I think that’s what I’m most impressed with. And that’s what I’m happy about.”

On Auburn’s Sharife Cooper …

“He’s a good player. We’re just going to come out and play with the strategy we have of their whole team and what we’re doing and our concepts and try to execute.”

On what part of Kentucky he enjoys …

“Yeah, I mean, like I said, even though we’re losing, that time before the game, putting on a Kentucky jersey, just knowing I’m a kid from a small place in Sacramento, California and I made it to Kentucky. I’m happy with that. And just going out there and fighting with my teammates, I find joy in doing that. Even though the games are very close, I find joy in close games because, at one point, we’re going to come out on top and that feeling is great. And we’re going to get that feeling again. But that’s what I find joy in is fighting with my teammates and knowing I came from a small place and I’m here.”

On what is fun for him …

“Just getting better. I fall in love with the process. This may sound weird, but I fall in love with struggling because I know there’s going to be good that comes out of it. I fall in love with getting better every day. I fall in love with things that are tough and things I need to get better with. That’s what I find joy in. I find joy in not being the best in certain things because I’m going to put the in the work to eventually become the best.”

On Sharife Cooper …

“Just play extra solid defense, show my hands. Yeah, he’s a good player. Yeah, he flops a lot. That’s just his game, he gets away with it.”