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Cats By 90: Brandon Ramsey of KSR joins the show

Ramsey joined Drew Brown and Aaron Gershon to offer a coach’s perspective on why UK Basketball is struggling so mightily.

Cats by 90

The 59th edition of A Sea of Blue’s Cats By 90 podcast is now live, and you won’t want to miss it.

This week, Brandon Ramsey of Kentucky Sports Radio joined Drew Brown and Aaron Gershon on the podcast to offer his explanation for the Kentucky Wildcats’ struggles this season from a coaching perspective.

This episode includes:

  • Ramsey’s explanation for some of Kentucky’s struggles
  • Are we still surprised at these second half collapses?
  • Recap of Tennessee loss
  • Recap of Arkansas loss
  • How to best utilize Olivier Sarr?
  • What John Calipari needs to learn from this season
  • State of the future of the program,
  • Is UK a Football school now?

Stay tuned for the 60th edition of Cats By 90, which will include a breakdown of Kentucky’s second clash with the Auburn Tigers.

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