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Cameron Mills and Jeff Sheppard deny there’s friction with John Calipari

Does this mean Reed Sheppard could end up in Lexington?

Jeff Sheppard

There is a young man playing high school basketball in the state of Kentucky right now that is getting everyone’s attention.

After several triple-doubles and multiple 50-point games as a sophomore, Reed Sheppard is on the map as one of the top players in his class. And if being an in-state player was not enough to get Big Blue Nation going, he is the son of former Wildcat Jeff Sheppard.

Of course, the speculation about Reed playing for John Calipari has started to swirl. Will he be a high-profile target? When will he get an offer, if he does get one?

Rumors have been going around that John Calipari and Jeff Sheppard do not have the best relationship. And some believe that could lead Reed to choosing to play basketball elsewhere, regardless of Kentucky’s interest.

However, Jeff’s former teammate Cameron Mills took to Twitter to shoot down those rumors and support his fellow teammate.

#BBN, Let me be clear regarding one of my best friends...Jeff Sheppard would never stand in the way of his son playing for the team that he, himself dreamed of being on, won National Championships with, and currently pulls for,” Mills tweeted. “And there is no issue between he and Cal. Zero.”

In addition, Jeff himself told Larry Vaught that there is no friction with Calipari. He also doesn’t want to push his son in any direction, so it sounds like wherever Reed goes to college will be his decision alone.

“There is nothing,” Jeff said when asked about animosity between him and Calipari. “I am going to try my best to be as removed as possible from this whole recruiting thing.”

It is always difficult to know what to believe in these situations, but for Mills and Jeff to both speak on the issue and say there’s no animosity is great to hear. With Reed only being a sophomore, there is a lot can happen to ensure that he does, or does not, play college basketball in Lexington.

Be sure to read Vaught’s full interview with Jeff.

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