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Seth Greenberg calls out Big Blue Nation

He can’t believe the outrage.

Michigan State v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

We all know that the Kentucky Wildcats are having a historically bad season. And it sucks. It sucks for the players, for the coaches, and for the fans. But the outrage against John Calipari has risen above any level that we have ever seen. There are some fans even calling for him to lose his job.

Calipari has had amazing success during his time at Kentucky. A national championship, more Final Fours, Elite Eights, and tournament wins than anyone during that time. Kentucky has not been to a final four since 2015, but they have been very close on multiple occasions.

Former coach and current analyst Seth Greenberg cannot believe the outrage coming from Kentucky fans. Yes, this season is hard to watch. But he wonders if Big Blue Nation has forgotten about all the success Calipari has brought to Lexington.

“The last time I checked, it’s SEC championships, it’s Elite Eights, it’s Final Fours and putting a bunch of guys in the league as lottery picks that transition into the NBA seamlessly,” Greenberg said on The Paul Finebaum show on Tuesday. “Look, this has been a difficult season, there’s no doubt about it. I think it’s actually a joke but I understand ‘fan’ is short for ‘fanatic,’ and that’s just the way it is. There’s an expectation at Kentucky that’s different than maybe anywhere else in the country. Including Duke, including North Carolina, including everywhere. Everyone’s gonna have to be held accountable. That’s John Calipari, man. C’mon now. Look what he’s done, look at the consistency of his program. His guys never get in trouble, they all do the right thing, they all come back and give back, they all leave the program and are among the most philanthropic people in the NBA.”

I see no lies here. Some of this season’s frustrations are understandable, but you have to give someone a mulligan every now and then. Calipari has earned the right to a bad season every now and then. I do not agree with Seth Greenberg much, but we are on the same page here.