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How much would Kentucky have beat Louisville by?

Cats by 90?

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

After Louisville had to miss the Kentucky game this year due to COVID, Western Kentucky stepped up to the plate to take their swing at the Wildcats.

After the tornadoes that occurred a little over a week ago, it provided a prime opportunity for the teams to come together and help the state while celebrating the efforts that have been made to rebuild.

As far as on the court, WKU arguably might have been a more competitive matchup for Kentucky. Louisville might be an ACC team, but in the last week alone, WKU beat Ole Miss in Oxford by 23 and beat the Cardinals by 10.

The Hilltoppers’ nice stretch may have ended with a 35-point loss to Kentucky, but it does provide an interesting question of how much would the Wildcats have beaten the Cardinals by had the game gone on as scheduled?

If we work a very simple equation, we would just add the two margins of victory together and see Kentucky would have beaten the Cardinals by a margin in the ballpark of 45 points.

Something else you’d have to factor in, though, would be that more players would’ve missed the game for Louisville than missed against WKU.

In Bowling Green, the Cardinals were only without Malik Williams. Their indefinite pause announced on Monday, though, was caused by, “multiple positive COVID-19 tests among individuals within the program.”

Add that layer to it, and we may be talking about a 50-point win, which would obviously be the largest margin of victory in the series and an all-time bragging rights moment.

In all seriousness, though, Louisville very well might have been the better matchup. Kentucky has already played three ACC teams this season with an eight-point loss to Duke, a four-point loss to Notre Dame, and a 29-point win against North Carolina.

A double-digit win was still up for grabs against an undermanned Louisville squad at home, though, and not many teams would have come into Rupp and given the Wildcats much of a game with how well they played Wednesday night.

We’ll have to wait and see if the annual beatdown of little brother on the hardwood gets rescheduled this season or if they’ll get the year off in 2021.