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Liam Coen says Chris Rodriguez is healthy and ready for Tennessee

Some good news for the Cats’ star running back heading into a rivalry week.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

One of the main questions surrounding the Kentucky Wildcats this week has been is Chris Rodriguez healthy?

After another tough outing against Mississippi State, where he carried the ball eight times for 34 yards, it is a fair question to ask especially when speaking to the five fumbles (two lost) he has on the season.

Now when playing from behind, running the ball will not be the main priority, but it’s obvious that the star running-back has not felt himself the last several weeks.

Mark Stoops didn't open up much on Monday during his press conference on if Rodriguez is dealing with an injury, but that changed Tuesday when Liam Coen spoke.

Coen brought some good news to fans ears as he said that Rodriguez, “has the right mindset this week.”

“Chris has the right mindset this week. I think he knows that it hasn’t been up to par, his standards and our standards,” said Coen. “I think he had a great practice yesterday. He was locked in, focused, detailed, and the same thing today. You can always tell when a player is, you don’t have to beat it into them. He knows it hasn’t been good enough, and it’s not to his standard, not to our standard. I believe that he’ll come out with a different mentality and the right mentality for the game Saturday night.”

Coen has had his hands full as he took over a bottom tier offense, and has really changed the perspective as to the ceiling this Kentucky program could have with a competent passing game. With all of that he knows that the strength of his offense is the running game.

After a couple of tough weeks, it sounds like Rodriguez is healthy and ready to go out and fight to get back to his dominant self.