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WATCH Kentucky student hits halfcourt shot for second straight home game

Kentucky’s student body apparently knows how to shoot.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are now 2-1. Both of their wins came at home, and they’ve had some excitement come from the Central Bank $10k challenge to help propel those victories.

Four days ago, it was Max Schlueter that drilled the halfcourt shot. He won $10,000.

Now, for a second straight game, a student his the shot.

This time around, it was Dylan King. While he was able to see a win for the Wildcats, the freshman got so much more. Here’s the video of King’s shot.

This is just exciting to see, especially for students who more than likely need the money. While possible, it’ll certainly be unlikely that students go 3-for-3 on half-court shots when presented with the opportunity at the next home game.

The Cats' next home game will be Monday against the Albany Great Danes. We’ll get to see if they can continue their luck both on the court and from their students shooting from half. The first is expected as they’ll likely open as heavy favorites.