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What teams can still make the College Football Playoff?

Who’s In? (Besides Georgia)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 08 Temple at Cincinnati Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The amount of teams still in contention for the College Football Playoff has been decreasing by the week, with Oklahoma falling early Saturday afternoon in Waco in a dooming loss for their playoff hopes. Michigan stayed in the hunt with a win over Penn State, and the rest of Saturday afternoon will tell us whether Ohio State will avoid Purdue’s giant-killing machine.

If you’re a Power 5 team and finish with one loss and a conference title, odds are you’ll get in. If you’re a Group of 5 team or Notre Dame, the road is much harder, but as Cincinnati is trying to show us, isn’t impossible. It just involves a lot of winning.

Here’s all the teams that if they win out, or for some even take a loss, can still make the CFP. Who’s in?

Tier 1: Longshots

These one-loss teams and Texas A&M all are hovering around the teens of the top-15, but with so many top-10 teams losing these days all of them might have a chance at getting in if they win out. The Aggies definitely need Alabama to lose again though, which is a tall order, but you never know what will happen in the Iron Bowl.

Tier 2: Win out and you’re in

Oklahoma, Iowa, and Ole Miss all used to be here but have taken the dreaded 2nd loss and are down for the count. All these teams are playing great and just need to keep winning. Oregon is probably in the most precarious position of them all, but all of them are set up well to get in if they run the table.

Tier 3: Room to breathe

  • Georgia

Of course, how can the Georgia Bulldogs not make the playoff? Sure they could lose to Tennessee in a couple hours and lose to Alabama in the SEC Championship game, but if they can’t get in who can?

Who will make the College Football Playoff? 11 teams still have a shot, and only two of them are still undefeated. With the was this year’s been going, it’ll be a fun race to the finish.