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SEC Power Rankings Week 11

South Carolina get a very unexpected Win of the Week.

NCAA Football: Florida at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

No team found it easy to win in Week 10 in the SEC, as the grind is starting to really set in as we move towards the last few weeks of games. Even Alabama struggled mightily against an LSU team that recently had too many injuries to practice. There were some big winners and some big losers—read on to find out who they were.

They’ve played the games so let’s pass out the grades—this is your Week 10 SEC Report:

1. Georgia Bulldogs

No team has consistently made paste of teams like Georgia, who pasted Mizzou 43-6 with ease. What else is new? Grade: A+

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

The Tide came dangerously, dangerously close to coughing up the SEC West at home against LSU, who came into the game as huge underdogs and barely had a healthy team. When it counted though, the defense kept the Tigers from springing the upset. A completely unexpected scare and honestly Alabama got lucky yesterday. Grade: D

3. Texas A&M Aggies

In a game of football that involved a lot more feet and kicking than usual, the Aggies continued to look great and make their fans wish they hadn’t lost two games before the Bama win. The past is the past, though, and it’s just great to be great in the present. If they can win in Oxford they might be looking at a 10-2 season. Grade: A

4. Ole Miss

Not a blowout win, but a good one. Nothing to criticize about here. Grade: B

5. Auburn Tigers

Only scoring 3 points isn’t a good look, Tigers, even if your opponent beat Alabama. Grade: C

6. Arkansas Razorbacks

Good return to SEC play for the Hogs, who have now beaten Mississippi State two years in a row. Pretty awesome winning it right at the end, too. Grade: A

7. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Very well-played game against Arkansas on the road; close but no cigar. While the Air Raid hasn’t been super consistent, as long as they beat an FCS team in two weeks bowl eligibility should be guaranteed before the Egg Bowl. Grade: B

8. Tennessee Volunteers

No comment. Grade: B

9. Kentucky Wildcats

Groan...what happened to the defense? Kentucky and Tennessee went blow-for-blow in a shootout but the Wildcats let the little things add up and couldn’t quite get the win. Tough loss against the most frustrating team in the country. Grade: C

10. South Carolina Gamecocks (Win of the Week)

Well how about this! The Gamecocks crushed Florida in a blowout nobody saw coming. Shame Beamer’s team will have a bowl bid waiting for them if they beat Missouri next week. Grade: A+

11. LSU Tigers

The Tigers were off last week as they prepare for Alabama this Saturday. They sure needed that bye too, because apparently they didn’t have enough healthy players to practice a few days ago. Will we see Coach O suit up to play “O-line?”. Grade: N/A

12. Florida Gators

Dan Mullen’s Gators, last year’s SEC East champions and the team that almost beat Bama earlier this season, is 4-5 and at best will finish 7-5. A blowout at the hands of South Carolina raises a lot of red flags and the temperature of Dan Mullen’s hot seat. Grade: F

13. Missouri Tigers

What’s left of Missouri after running through the Georgia buzzsaw will take on South Carolina next week in a game that will likely decide which of the two teams will be going bowling. Grade: D

14. Vanderbilt Commodores

In one of their best performances of the season, the Commodores enjoyed being the only SEC team this week to have a bye. They still didn’t cover the spread though. Grade: N/A