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Kentucky dominates LSU: 4 things to know and postgame cheers

Is this real life?

LSU Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats followed up a huge win last week over Florida with another one tonight against the LSU Tigers. The Wildcats dominated the game from start to finish, winning in dominating fashion with a score of 42-21.

The Wildcats were led by...everybody. Offensively, Will Levis had three passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns to lead the offense. But Chris Rodriguez also Kavosiey Smoke each averaged over 8.5 per rush for the game. That is not even to mention the defense holding the athletic LSU offense to just 21 points.

The Cats are 6-0, and in case you missed the game here is what you need to know.

Levis Unleashes his Run Game

Yes, we have seen Will Levis run the ball before. He was a “running quarterback” at Penn State. But tonight against LSU he officially joined the stable of stout Kentucky running backs.

Remember that scene in Mighty Ducks II when Kenny Wu joins the bash brothers? That was the feeling I got while watching Levis rush for 75 yards and two touchdowns tonight. He was also very impressive throwing the football with three touchdowns and very efficient numbers, but his feet made a huge difference in tonight’s win.

If you watched Georgia today, you may have noticed that Auburn’s offense actually had some success against the Dawgs’ tenacious defense with a mobile QB in Bo Nix. If Kentucky is going to make it a game in Athens next week, Levis needs to make plays with his arm and legs.

Offensive Dominance

With no turnovers, only two punts, and 42 points, the Wildcats did just about whatever they wanted on offense against the Tigers. I realize this is not your average LSU Tigers team, but they are still LSU with LSU recruits and LSU coaches. On paper, Kentucky should not have won this game, let alone walked the ball up and down the field like they did tonight. This is why Kentucky finally parted with Eddie Gran and made a somewhat surprising hire in Rams assistant Liam Coen, who appears to have this offense finally living up to his and Mark Stoops’ vision.

Ground Game

Yes, Kentucky threw for three touchdowns tonight. But the numbers running the football were just ridiculous, averaging over seven yards per carry as a team. Three rushers - Levis, Rodriguez, and Kavosiey Smoke - rushed for more than 60 yards and each averaged more than 6.5 yards per carry. That included a game-clinching 18-yard score from C-Rod in the fourth quarter after LSU trimmed the lead to 14. As my old pappy used to say, that dog will hunt.

What Keeps the Cows In? Defense, Defense.

Again, I realize this is not a typical season for LSU. But this team has averaged over 31 points per game this season, and for Kentucky to hold them to one touchdown through three quarters absolutely says something. This defense has had back-to-back dominant performances against Florida and LSU, despite the touchdowns while running a prevent defense in the fourth quarter. Will this be able to have a third next week against Georgia?

For now, let’s talk about tonight’s win and enjoy the moment.