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Waka Flocka raves about his trip to Lexington

Flocka and the BBN had a night they won’t soon forget.

Waka Flocka Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Last Saturday night was a magical night for the Kentucky Wildcats and the BBN as UK came away with a massive win over the Florida Gators.

In attendance for the game was Waka Flocka, the man behind “Grove Street Party.” He led the team out of the tunnel prior to kickoff. He even stormed the field with fans after the win.

On Wednesday, he made an appearance on Out of Pocket with Alyssa Lang where he talked about his experience in Lexington.

“Coach Stoops, Kentucky, I felt like I grew up in Kentucky. The way the love was, the energy was and how everybody gravitated with each other, it felt like we were in the NFL. I felt like that was the Super Bowl. It was amazing.”

Even though Flocka is a Georgia Bulldogs fan, he says he felt like a Wildcat on Saturday.

“I felt like a Wildcat even though I’m a Dawg for life. But I definitely was hanging with the Cats. I don’t think nothing is gonna top that. I don’t know how Kentucky’s gonna outdo that game.”

One thing that stood out to Flocka during his time in Lexington was the family atmosphere around the program.

“What impressed me the most about the team was the whole day, just walking around and going to the locker room, the equipment room. The way...their team spirit, it’s like a brotherhood. You’d think they all have the same mother and father. That’s a real family in that locker room. I felt a lot of love in the locker room. I didn’t feel no separation. That was a day to remember.”

The school paid for Flocka to be in attendance on Saturday night, but he said he will be back for games in the future.

“Definitely. I love Kentucky,” he said. “I’m definitely coming back. I want to see them play. I’m going to do it a lot this year.”

It sounds like Saturday was an awesome night for Flocka, and I know the BBN loved having him at the game.

You can watch the entire interview with Waka Flocka below.

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