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SEC Power Rankings and Grades after Week 5

Kentucky earns the Win of the Week!

Florida v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The races for the East and West are a lot clearer now after Week 5, in which several huge games went down. Georgia squashed Arkansas 37-0 in a huge statement win that’ll definitely keep them above Alabama in these rankings, Mississippi State eliminated Texas A&M from the West race, and Kentucky knocked off top-10 Florida in a huge, historic upset that launched them to 5-0 and sets them up for a showdown for the East on October 16th in Athens.

Even the bottom feeders won, as Vandy snuck past putrid UConn with a walk-off field goal, South Carolina eked one out against Troy, and Tennessee dismantled Missouri in a road blowout few saw coming, especially in the offseason. Speaking of Missouri, I have bad news for on to discover their unfortunate fate.

They’ve played the games so let’s pass out the grades—this is your Week 5 SEC Report:

1. Georgia Bulldogs

Uhhhhhhh.....okay...well.....that was, uh, impressive. Now you’re just scaring me. Grade: A+

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

Guess you showed Lane Kiffin & Ole Miss who’s boss, huh? What a waste of popcorn. Should’ve saved it for the Kentucky game. Grade: A

3. Kentucky Wildcats (Win of the Week)

Woohoo!!! They did the unthinkable and finally defeated Florida in Lexington after three decades of falling short, and against a top-10 version of the Gators! That defensive performance and crowd noise was special, and running a blocked field goal back for a touchdown and making one of the most impressive goal-line stands of the season gets UK the Win of the Week (and for them of the century) and sets up a huge game with Georgia in two weeks for a trip to the SEC Championship! Grade: A+

4. Arkansas Razorbacks

I don’t care how good your opponent is—getting shutout is embarrassing. That being said it was I’ll spare you an “F”...this time. Grade: D

5. Auburn Tigers

I don’t really know who to slot in here with so many teams losing, but your only loss was by eight to undefeated Penn State, and you just beat LSU on the road, so I’ll let you in the top five since Ole Miss got blowtorched after acting like they wouldn’t. Grade: A

6. Ole Miss

Congrats for putting 21 points on the board. If only they hadn’t put up 35 first. I know it was Alabama, but you made it sound like it was going to be exciting. Grade: C

7. Florida Gators

Don’t you know how to run plays and snap footballs in loud stadiums? You fell for every trap Kentucky and their fans set, and they made sure you knew it. You got outplayed and outcoached, and now you won’t be able to overlook the Wildcats anymore. Grade: D

8. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Well how about that? The Air Raiders can win on the road in the West, as seen in College Station. Keep those kind of wins coming, and you might have a pretty sweet bowl in your future. Grade: A

9. Texas A&M Aggies

It’s the game of the year: the CFP contender undefeated Texas A&M Aggies host Alabama for the SEC West and—oh, wait a minute, you suck and are 3-2. Never mind. Grade: D

10. LSU Tigers

Hmm. That one didn’t go according to plan. Not a bad loss to ranked Auburn, but losing at home won’t help when you’re playing in the West and need to rack up ‘W’s. Big opportunity against 5-0 Kentucky, who also has a big opportunity against you, so watch out. Grade: C

11. Tennessee Volunteers

Whew! You sent the Mizzou fans packing at halftime. What did y’all do in practice last week? Whatever it was I don’t like it. Grade: A(grumble)+

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

Well, a win’s a win, and you’re 3-2. I don’t know how many more of those are going to come this year, but you got a 23-14 one on Saturday against Troy. Grade: B

13. Vanderbilt Commodores

High five, Vandy! We knew going in that you were going to play a terrible, putrid game and that’s exactly what happened against the nation’s other worst team—but you won! I know you can get one more if you dig in, but if not at least you snagged two after the humiliating opener. Your victory also (probably only temporarily) gets you out of the basement, because Missouri got creamed so bad that their 2-3 resume is dropping below yours. Another three cheers for a win! Grade: B

14. Missouri Tigers

Absolutely unacceptable performance at home against the Vols. Trailing 42-9 at half to Tennessee at home?!? Have you completely fallen apart or something? And we thought y’all would be playing UK for third in the East. Now you’ll have to hold off Vandy in the basement at this rate. I will tell you this, though—beat North Texas, and you’ll swap places with Vandy again (well unless Vandy beats Florida in The Swamp. Then I’m locking you in). Grade: F