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Dick Vitale gives update on cancer battle; gives Kentucky some love

Here’s to hoping for the best.

LSU v Kentucky

As you were scrolling through Twitter this week, I’m sure you saw the news that ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

This is the second time in the last few months that he has received a cancer diagnosis. Thankfully in August, Vitale underwent several surgeries to remove melanoma from his face, and in his letter to fans he shared that it has been totally cleared after those procedures.

Vitale also let fans know the next steps for how they will treat his lymphoma.

“The plan is to treat my lymphoma with steroids and six months of chemotherapy. The medical experts tell me it has a 90-percent cure rate. They say I can continue to work, so I will have to manage my work schedule around my chemo schedule as they will monitor my test results along the way.”

Vitale recently shared an update as he was getting ready for a procedure, and in walked a doctor repping none other than Kentucky Wildcats blue.

As Dickie V always says, Big Blue Nation is everywhere.

It’s good to see Vitale positive as he starts this battle, and great to hear that he will be able to continue doing what he loves to do, as he will call games this season.

Hope you get well soon Dickie V!