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Kentucky Basketball honors Terrence Clarke at Big Blue Madness

It was beautiful.

Terrence Clarke Announces Attendance at University of Kentucky Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

In a special moment during John Calipari’s annual “State of the Program” speech at Big Blue Madness tonight, as the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team did something special to honor Terrence Clarke.

With his family in attendance for Friday night's festivities, Calipari took the time to allow the Big Blue Nation to show how special Terrence was to this fanbase. A standing ovation from the BBN did just that.

To make the moment even more special, Lance Ware and Davion Mintz handed a custom pair of Nike shoes to his mother that showed Terrence’s face and the #5 as a gift from this year’s team.

Obviously with COVID-19 last year, Terrence did not get to experience the craziness that is Big Blue Madness, but as Coach Cal said he knows that he’s there with this team tonight in spirit. It’s moments like this that make you wish that fans got to see that electric smile in-person as he heard his name called on nights like tonight, and allowing his family to experience that moment is simply awesome.

Watch the whole moment below.

Go Cats!