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Shaedon Sharpe will “definitely” play at UK and may not even be eligible for 2022 NBA Draft, per report

There’s been concern that is Sharpe reclassifies, he could end up in the 2022 NBA Draft. But that appears unlikely for now.

Tipton Edits

Shaedon Sharpe, the No. 1 overall player in the 2022 recruiting class, plans to play his college basketball for the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

But that’s old news.

In more recent news, which has raised more than a few concerns, is that he will possibly enroll for the second semester.

Obviously, it is a stretch to call adding a top-tier player to an already stacked roster a problem. The primary concern with this recent development is Sharpe’s ability to potentially turn pro after the 2021-2022 season and be part of the 2022 NBA Draft.

Since the rules for NBA Draft eligibility are as complex as the translation algorithm for Squid Game, that seems to be a potential risk. But not according to those with knowledge of Sharpe’s intentions.

While a source close to Sharpe did confirm to KSR his likelihood to enroll early, it seems leaving early for the NBA is not part of the plan.

“He wants to be challenged, he wants to get better,” a source told KSR’s Jack Pilgrim. “The truth is, he’s definitely playing in 2022-23 (at Kentucky). It has nothing to do with the NBA, it has everything to do with his individual development.”

That same source added that Sharpe “is not eligible” for the 2022 draft because he won’t be a full year removed from graduating.

247 Sports’ Travis Branham, who originally broke the story, told Cats Pause that it’s still undetermined as to whether or not Sharpe will be eligible for the 2022 draft.

“I think that’s to be determined. There’s going to have to be some questions to be answered,” Branham said. “Will he be draft eligible? Does that qualify him for being one year removed from high school? The exact qualifications, that’s the question and I don’t know the answer to that.”

While you love to hear about Sharpe’s attitude and dedication, it is tough to imagine a player of his caliber just sitting on the sidelines down the stretch of this season.

Either way, it is very exciting to hear about another 5-star player walking around campus. And all this coming just days before Big Blue is in the air.

Check out the rest of KSR’s info on the situation here, and read the rest of Branham’d report here.

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