It's The Friggin' Catalina Wine Mixer!

That's right, UK vs Georgia is here. Everyone expected Georgia to be where they are. Who had UK in this position. Well I did actually and I think many UK fans did as well.

So what's all the fuss about then? Me being mad at the ESPN predictor and it's 4.2%(now 4.6%) chance of beating Georgia. Look folks I have had a change of heart about it all. We are playing with "house money" right? None of the talking heads and experts had us in this spot. Hell half or more of the league still don't respect us. You hear "well it was more Dan Mullen's mistakes than Kentucky's talent that lost the game for UF". I say keep on disrespecting us. I know it takes time for monumental change to take place. That is what is happening with UK football though.

Mark Stoops has built this program up the right way. He started with the offensive and defensive lines, then the rest of the defense, and now he is steady working toward having an offense that stands the weight of an SEC schedule. You can see the steady progression. The 10-2 season we came into a Georgia game undefeated and riding high and got smacked around. You think a repeat is in store? Have we not made strides since then? Sure we have, those lines are deeper, the talent is greater, this UK team is a for real, talk trash about yo' mama, smash mouth , full on SEC football team baby!

Look I want to beat Georgia as much as anybody. I don't think we are there yet. I am here to say though that it's okay if we don't! Let me say that again, IT'S OKAY IF WE DON'T. The world will not end. If UK cannot beat Georgia then best case scenario is we go down there and show out. We leave there having lost 17-10 or in that range and make a statement! There is no reason to hang your head if you lose to this Georgia team, they are the best Georgia team I have seen in a long time.

So if we do lose, and I am not convinced for certain we do, then the biggest thing going forward is to recover and finish strong. This UK team is a better team than all the teams left on their schedule. There I said it! We are better than the rest. We have to play that way. People including myself keep saying 10-2 is on the table. I now say 11-1 is on the table, and just think how that changes things for the future.

5* recruits are the difference between us and Georgia folks. Does anyone doubt if you gave Mark Stoops Georgia's players he would win big? He certainly would. You know how you get 5* recruits? You win baby! Winning makes everything better. This UK team is winning, we are playing for the SEC East Championship, with the potential for an SEC Championship berth and then a chance for a Bowl Championship appearance. Kentucky is playing for all that this weekend. You think recruits don't know that? You think if we finish 11-1 and play a major bowl those 5* guys don't look our way? I think they do. It may not be ten at a time but they will come. Mark Stoops can walk into their living rooms and say we are contending for SEC championships and we want you to come help us take that next step. That is a much easier sale to make.

So let all the Georgia hype fall on deaf ears. So they give us a 4.6% chance to win. So they pick us +22.5. Who cares right? At least they are talking about us! We are still in the game. So what if we have not taken that last step and overcome Georgia in the East. Kentucky football is for real now folks. We are in the conversation. Finish strong, get that big time bowl game win, pick up the recruits and come back stronger, and then we will overcome Georgia in the East and earn our seat at the big boy table with full respect!

Mostly just let all the talk and anguish fade away, we have a winning football team! Most of us have dreamed of this day, lets just enjoy it and let the rest take care of itself!