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SEC Power Rankings and Grades after Week 6

The SEC’s last unbeatens will meet in Athens next week!

Alabama v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

What. a. Saturday.

The SEC was pandemonium in Week 6, turning the college football world upside down.

Kentucky won 42-21...against LSU.

Ole Miss outgunned Arkansas 52-51 in a battle for 2nd in the West

Alabama lost a game.

Complete October madness...that sets up the ultimate battle for Week 7—our #1 Georgia Bulldogs host the #2 team in these rankings.

They don’t wear Crimson.

They don’t play in the West.

It’s not Florida. It’s not Tennessee.


The SEC East will essentially be decided next Saturday at 3:30 on CBS. You won’t want to miss it.

They’ve played the games so let’s pass out the grades—this is your Week 6 SEC Report:

1. Georgia Bulldogs

The Georgia buzzsaw was not slowed down on The Plains in a 34-10 in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. They’ll be #1 in all the rankings now thanks to Bama’s loss. After next week there will only be one unbeaten SEC team left. Will they be the last man standing? Grade: A

2. Kentucky Wildcats

How do you follow up a historic 20-13 upset of Top-10 Florida? Try crushing LSU 42-21 in a dominant statement win to become the only team besides Georgia to taste 6-0! They’ve refused to lose through these first six weeks, and now the number one spot is there for the taking next week. The SEC Championship awaits next week’s #1. Grade: A+

3. Alabama Crimson Tide

A former Nick Saban assistant has finally beaten him. What kind of a season is this? There’s chaos everywhere! This loss is pretty uncharacteristic of typical Bama upsets, since the Aggies were 3-2 and just lost at home to Mississippi State last week. You still played a stellar game as usual, but you got beaten on Saturday and that’ll get you a ‘C’. Grade: C

4. Ole Miss

Now that was a game for popcorn! What a shootout with the Hogs and what chaos in the West. If Bama loses again and Kentucky beats Georgia, the SEC Championship game could be...UK vs Ole Miss??? Grade: A

5. Texas A&M Aggies (Win of the Week)

In one night in College Station the Texas A&M Aggies went from the most disappointing team in college football to the first team to defeat Alabama in almost two years and have the best win of the 2021 season so far. Nothing turns your season around like beating Bama! Grade: A+

6. Auburn Tigers

The Tigers carved up the Georgia defense despite losing Saturday, scoring not 3, not 7, but 10 points! You sure showed their defensive coordinator how Auburn plays football! Grade: B

7. Arkansas Razorbacks

Historically when y’all go to overtime you get a 7OT 69-68 win, so I’m surprised you didn’t kick the PAT in Oxford. Then again 7OTs must be pretty exhausting, but oof, that 2-pt play did not work. Still a great game though. Grade: B+

8. Florida Gators

The Gators Saturday were the latest team to let out their frustrations on the Vanderbilt punching bag, squashing them 42-0 in a win that doesn’t really give them much more than a ‘W’ in the win column and an ‘A+’ for a shutout. Grade: A+

9. Tennessee Volunteers

So how come you can tear Missouri and South Carolina apart but still lost at home to Pitt? It’s really annoying me and just got you another sparkling grade. Grade: A+

10. Mississippi State Bulldogs

So y’all can win in College Station but Bama can’t, huh? That win last week is already aging well. I bet you enjoyed watching it during your bye week. Grade: N/A

11. LSU Tigers

The Tigers just became the latest victim of sold-out Kroger Field night games, getting absolutely crushed 42-21. Guess how often Kentucky does that to SEC West teams? Well, let’s just say that you don’t have a lot of company. Grade: F

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

20 points is good. Losing 45-20 isn’t so good. It could’ve been worse in Neyland, but it could’ve been better. Grade: C-

13. Missouri Tigers

I guess Tennessee broke your defense because now 1-3 North Texas can hang 35 on you. Y’all better hope you can find three more wins in this conference because so far you haven’t gotten any. Grade: C-

14. Vanderbilt Commodores

Vanderbilt became the latest victim of the dreaded “letdown game” after a thrilling walk-off victory over UConn last week, falling to Florida 42-0. Or maybe it wasn’t a letdown, and they were just playing their normal game. Welp, either way, here’s another ‘F’. If you were a college student instead of a university I think you’d have a negative GPA right now. Grade: F