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Analyst calls Chris Rodriguez the most important player to his team in college football

There’s no denying C-Rod has been a major part of Kentucky football in recent years.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Chris Rodriguez Jr. is a household name among Kentucky Wildcats fans.

Over the last couple of seasons, C-Rod has continually shown how great of a running back he is, and due to that, he’s starting to gain the national recognition he deserves.

Mike Farrell of Rivals even took it a step farther as he talked about how important the skillset Rodriguez brings to the program is.

In this week's edition of Mind of Mike, Farrell was asked who he thought the most important player to their team in all of college football was, and he chose Kentucky’s star back.

“To me, it’s running back Chris Rodriguez Jr. for Kentucky, who doesn’t get his share of love,” Farrell writes. “Yes, he had a big fumble against Missouri that almost cost the Wildcats the game, but without him they wouldn’t have had a chance and there’s no way they would be 4-0 heading into a huge game against Florida. Rodriguez Jr. has 85 rushes for 513 yards and three scores as well as five catches for 20 yards and a score. He is the heart and soul of this Wildcats team. If they pull an upset this weekend, he will be the key”

This season has been solid for Rodriguez, as he currently leads the SEC in rushing by close to 100 yards. The odd thing for him though has been the fumbling issue. Even through that, this offense goes as C-Rod does.

As Farrell mentioned, if Kentucky hopes to knock off Florida this weekend, they are going to need Rodriguez to get going early. With the aggressive style of defense Florida likes to play, that is how the big plays will open up for Will Levis and the receiving core.

You can read the rest of the article here.